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Embark on a Journey of Personal Indulgence at Pita Maha Spa

A sanctuary cocooned from the complications of modern living, the Pita Maha Spa is a private villa nestled within a secluded part of the resort. It offers a dedicated menu of treatments inspired by ancient Balinese healing practices to promote health, beauty and vitality.

Purposely designed for the exclusive use of couples, Pita Maha Spaalso features extensive wellness facilities. It has an outdoor treatment pavilion, steam room, hot and cold tubs and a Balinese spring water plunge pool.

* Opening : 09:00 〜 20:00

 Recommended Package


Luxurious Indulgence Package

IDR 2,025,000 per couple
IDR 945,000 per person / extra guest

Relax in true style a healing two hour session of total body, mind and spirit relaxation in an exquisite river valley setting.

- Exclusive use of all facilities
- A traditional treatment from the Pita Maha Spa menu
- Ginger & Jasmine Tea
- Spa Gift
- Free transfer within Ubud area

Rates in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) are subject to 13.75 % Government Tax and 10 % Service Charge


 Spa Packages

Classic Herbal Pampering

IDR 1,350,000 – 120 minutes

Balinese Massage – Herbal Compress
Begin with a traditional Balinese massage and finish up with a soothing herbal compress to relax the entire body.


Inner Beauty Ritual

IDR 1,350,000 – 120 minutes

This traditional form of female beauty care has been used for generations of Javanese women and new brides. It is a unique cleansing treatment that incorporates a natural body scrub to give the skin a vibrant glow. There is also a special body smoke reputed to cleanse the female genitalia, eliminate unpleasant odours and reduce vaginal discharge. Inner beauty is a timeless ritual.

Flower Footbath – Full Body Massage – Body Scrub (Green Tea or Coffee) – Flower Bath – Vaginal Smoke


Hot Stone Ritual

IDR 1,350,000 – 120 minutes

This therapeutic and relaxing treatment is designed to relive stiffness and restore depleted energy levels. Smooth river stones are warmed to glide across your body in long, flowing strokes. The heat helps to relax muscles and has a soothing effect on your emotions. Simultaneously, other stones are placed on the body to melt away tension and restore balance.


Chocolate Luxury

IDR 2,025,000/couple – 120 minutes
IDR 1,210,000 single – 120 minutes

This luxurious ritual use chocolate and other ritual ingredients to uplift the body, mind and spirit. It will leave you looking great and feeling sweetly satisfied.

Relaxing Massage – Chocolate Almond Scrub – Chocolate Cinnamon Body Masque – Yoghurt Rub – Chocolate Moisturizing Cream – Hot Chocolate Drink


Sensory Indulgence

IDR 1,750,000 – 180 minutes

Balinese Massage – Herbal Compress – Pita Maha Facial – Herbal Bath
This spa experience refreshes both body and spirit with a traditional massage and herbal compress to penetrate the pores and transfer medicinal heat to the muscles for heightened relaxation. It continues with a deep cleansing facial followed by a nurturing aromatic herbal bath.


Pure Bliss

IDR 1,620,000 – 160 minutes

Acupressure Massage - Clay Body Masque – Yoghurt Rub – Pita Maha Facial Flower Bath
Created to effectively cleanse and detoxify, this treatment involves an acupressure massage and a clay body masque with promotes the breakdown of toxins in the body that causes cellulite. A nourishing yoghurt rub and gentle facial is followed by a fragrant flower bath to soothe the senses.


Just For Men

IDR 1,620,000 – 160 minutes

Acupressure Massage – Pita Maha Facial – Fabulous Feet
This package has been created to reawaken the senses with a selection of masculine treatments. A firm pressure – point massage is performed to eliminate body tension  is followed by a deep cleansing facial for fresh looking skin. The session of gentle foot reflexology to stimulate circulation concludes this treatment for men.


Ultimate Indulgence

IDR 1,620,000 – 160 minutes

Balinese Massage – Traditional Lulur – Pita Maha Facial – Yoghurt Rub – Flower Bath
This package is the ultimate in personal indulgence and focuses on making you feel radiant. Balinese massage use long strokes and palm pressure for deep relaxation.. this is followed by a traditional body scrub to make your skin glow, a nourishing facial, yoghurt rub and a luxurious soak in a tub of fragrant flower blossoms.


Shared Destiny

IDR 2,300,000/couple

Relax for two hours in our private spa villa with soothing valley views. This romantic  ritual is all about spending quality time together as a couple. It include a traditional Balinese massage served with herbal refreshments. Then take pleasure in our facilities including a sauna, steam room, hot and cold Jacuzzi and pool. Savour a delicious set Indonesian lunch or dinner and a mystery cocktail at terrace Restaurant. A Pita Maha token gift is presented upon completion.


Rates in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) are subject to 13.75 % Government Tax and 10 % Service Charge


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 Spa Treatment

Balancing Balinese Massage

IDR 610,000 – 60 minutes
IDR 790,000 – 90 minutes

Uses a traditional Balinese technique with firm finger, palm pressure and minimal oil to ease stress and muscular tension.


Refreshing Acupressure Massage

IDR 610,000 – 60 minutes

A full-body pressure massage for overall rejuvenation. This is a dry treatment without oil.


Ancient Indian Head Massage

IDR 740,000 – 60 minutes

During this uplifting massage, our therapist will relieve muscle tension from the back, neck and shoulders for a feeling of deep relaxation. This treatment is ideal for those who are unable to experience regular massage due to injury or specific health conditions.


Radiant Pita Maha Facial

IDR 680,000 – 60 minutes

This is the perfect way to deep cleanse and refresh your skin using biokos product. Includes a complete neck and shoulder massage to eliminate tension.


Revitalizing Herbal Lulur

IDR 810,000 – 90 minutes

This nurturing herbal body scrub eliminates impurities and leaves the skin soft and silky. It is followed by a yoghurt massage and a relaxing soak in a tropical flower bath.


Invigorating Balinese Boreh

IDR 680,000 – 60 minutes

This traditional spice is lightly applied to body followed by a full acupressure body massage and application of jasmine moisturizer.


Coffee Sensation

IDR 740,000 – 60 minutes

A fragrant coffee scrub is applied to the body to naturally exfoliate and soften the skin followed by a back massage using grated yoghurt.


Green Tea Experience

IDR 740,000 – 60 minutes

This soothing back massage and gentle scrub deeply cleanses the pores and leaves the skin with a healthy glow.


Fabulous Feet

IDR 410,000 – 30 minutes

A specialized massage that stimulates reflex points on the feet relieve stress and tension.


Essential Body Masque

IDR 950,000 – 90 minutes

Volcanic clay is applied to the body to naturally cleanse and nourish the skin. Finish off with a replenishing yoghurt massage.


Herbal Compress Ritual

IDR 740,000 – 60 minutes

This traditional herbal remedy warms the body, relieves tired muscles and addresses minor rheumatic conditions for a refreshing feeling.



Rates in IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) are subject to 13.75 % Government Tax and 10 % Service Charge